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Hi, I'm Pete,


I played in the New York Mets organization during which I played and worked with many of the best players in baseball, such as Jacob deGrom, Steve Matz, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, Justin Turner, Jason Bay, and Chris Young. I learned how the top hitters see the game and what they look for in pitchers. Because of my notable eye for mechanics, I was specifically asked to help fine tune our pitchers.

When my career was coming to an end, due to the birth of my daughter. I was asked to stay with organization as a pitching coach in the minor leagues. I turned it down so that I could focus on my young family, however I’ve maintained my connection to professional baseball through one-on-one mentoring with Dom Johnson. 

​Within the baseball world, Dom is considered one of, if not the best individual pitching coaches in the country. In the last ten years he has helped over 150 high school players receive college scholarships, 28 achieve pitcher of the year and 53 achieve all conference. He is the coach for 7 world series winners, 2 Cy Young winners, 100+ MILB pitchers, 50 MLB. 82+ draft picks, 2 number one overalls, 5 first rounder’s, 54 top ten round picks, and of those pitchers they have received over $34,000,000 in signing bonuses. I met Dom in 2008 and by 2010 I was working with him exclusively. Dom taught me more about pitching in two years than I had learned the 18 years prior. Today, he continues to mentor me and is a huge reason why I recently left the corporate world just like he did 14 years ago. Every January and February Dom organizes a small group of elite pitchers - roughly 20 MLB and 30 MILB pitchers. In 2010 and 2011, I was invited as a college and professional baseball player to attend this camp. Dom has asked me to come to San Diego and help coach at the same camp I attended as a professional player. There is also a camp like this for college and the top high school arms. In time, these exclusive camps will be a tradition I’ll develop across the state of California - from San Diego to El Dorado Hills.

Over the years I was also coached by:

  • Sparky Anderson- three-time World Series Champ (75, 76’, 84’), two-time manager of the year (84’, 87’), Hall of Fame class of 2000

  • Frank Viola- three-time All-Star, World Series MVP 87’, NL Cy Young 88’


Tommy Nance, Chicago Cubs

Petes ability to quickly recognize and fix mechanics really sets him apart. In five minutes of meeting he noticed a tweak that needed to be made in my back foot and it instantly made the ball come out stronger! I highly recommend using Pete as your Pitching Coach if you want to improve, no matter your level.

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